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Chump Day at The Wilds
4-12-14 @ The Wild Ranch

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Founded - August 10th, 2002

Portland Club Grand Prix is the only known organization in this area dedicated to GM W-body cars. The majority of our knowledge has to do with the '97-03 Pontiac Grand Prix, but, we are not exclusive to it, as we share the same body, and powerplant with the Monte Carlo, Regal, and Cutlass.

We encourage anyone to join, as our roster includes more then just FWD American cars. This club is based on enthusiasm towards any, and all cars. If you love your car, you will love this club.

Our club evolves around members AND their families.  Such family oriented events include fun in the snow, scenic drives, and gatherings at family fun centers. Race days, and car shows are also family oriented, if that's what your family is into, we encourage you to bring the kids.

It is not unusual to have 2-3 events per month during the warmer seasons, consisting of Mod Days, Racing, Carshows, and Scenic Drives.
During the colder times, we get together for non car related events.